Rate Adverts / Earn Money


Rate Adverts / Earn Money

Adspot has made it our mission to connect market researchers and everyday consumers such as yourself. We give you the opportunity to shape the future of products and surveys by giving your opinion in return for cash

Post adverts that get absorbed get feedback and analytics



Adverts on conventionational mediums nor afford advertisers feedback nor is attention guaranteed to the brand and product message. Often these creep up and are closed by users. ADSPOT review platform guarantees attention and also gives you feedback on the things that you consider important about each adverts message.
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4. Pay, post, get reviews, reviews and valuable feedback!!

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AdSpot is a much needed platform in Nigeria, the idea that I could rate an ad and make money from it is just epic.

Victoria Sunday

Product Manager at Comnavig

I never thought that one day, I’d look forward to intentionally watching an ad. But I’m here for it.



This platform is so good for the likes of us that spend most of our time online.


Content Manager

This is so easy to use and navigate, I’m really impressed.


Content Creator